How I created a website for $1.69!!!!!

I’ve been asked several times how did I make my website? So I decide to make a FREE website with all the links that I used to do it. It is so easy ANYONE can do it. Especially if you are a student or a housewife you can make a website for under $20.

How did I make a website for only $1.69? I created my website that would hold my chat and blog. Then I registered a new domain name of The .info domains were on sale as they are most days for $1.99 or less. With the domain name will give you a free 5 page website. This is how I created a website for $1.69 that gives you great information on how you can do it too.

You can create a website for your Hobby or Family.

To Get Started Visit I created this website for $1.69!!!!!

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