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Using Facebook and Twitter safely

For your protection I thought this was important to share. From CNET NEWS You and just about everyone else, it seems, are spending more and more time on Facebook and Twitter, updating statuses and checking friends’ tweets. That’s all well and good, of course, but the amount of personal information that all of you share […]

Fake anti-virus scams on the rise: Google

A Google study released Tuesday says fake anti-virus pop-ups account for 15% of all malware on the Internet. Fake AV is when a window pops up online warning that spyware or a virus has been detected and prompts users to install an anti-virus update, or something to that effect. However, these pop-ups aren’t related to […]

Canada Post Warns About Email Virus

Canada Post warns about email scam TORONTO – Canada Post is warning customers of an email scam that’s disguised as a parcel-delivery notification. The email tells the recipient Canada Post is trying to deliver a package. It gives instructions to open an email attachment to proceed with the delivery. Canada Post says the email is […]

Free Anti-Virus/Firewall that will keep your PC protected.

These are the same scans I send out to all my clients. Free Avast To download Free Avast For more information about Free Avast 1. The link to download is below “Welcome Avast Free Antivirus Users”, Click “Download Now”. A new window will come up at the top of the webpage Click the “Internet […]

Microsoft Releases 11 Security Updates

A Microsoft spokesperson e-mailed the following “Today, as part of its routine monthly security update cycle, Microsoft is releasing 11 security bulletins to address 25 vulnerabilities: five rated Critical, five rated Important and one rated Moderate. This month’s release affects Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Exchange. Additionally, the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) was updated […]

How To Run Windows Update

Vista 1. Open Windows Update, Click the “Start” orb and type Windows Update in the instant search box. Windows Update appears in the list for you to choose. At the user prompt, click “Continue.” 2. Click “Check for Updates” in the left navigation bar. 3. For “All Important Updates” Click “Install.” 4. Reboot your computer if […]


Perform Updates Regularly You should do software updates on a regular basis. This includes Microsoft Windows updates (when updates are available there will be an icon by the clock), anti-virus and anti-spyware updates (should be checked before doing a weekly scan) and the updates for other programs like Adobe or scanner software, that may occur […]

Koobface Virus Hits Facebook Myspace and Twitter

Koobface worm arrives in the form of a message from a friend claiming to show an erotic video captured by a hidden camera or a subject that is broken up. The message can have subjects like: “in t his vid eo you look lik e princ ess, darling”, “Y ou were caught on our secret […]

How To Run Windows Update For Windows 7

1. Open Windows Update, Click the “Start” orb and type Windows Update in the instant search box. Windows Update appears in the list for you to choose. 2. Click “Check for updates;” it is located on the left hand-side of the open window. 3. For “All Important Updates” Click “Install.” 4. Reboot your computer if […]

Fake software alert: Security essentials 2010

Security essentials 2010 is the latest fake security software to use the Microsoft name to spread malware instead of to help protect against it.Security essentials 2010 is a form of rogue security software that cybercriminals use to trick people into infecting their own computers. This fake software will not protect you against malicious software. In […]