Warning: Fake Email – update your paypal account information

DO NOT CLICK the file in this email. 

This is not from PayPal and is fake. They want your personal

PayPal will always say the member’s name on the account.
Not just Dear PayPal Customer.

Here is an example of the

Subject: update your paypal account information


We need your help


Dear PayPal Customer, Please Download the attached form to verify your Profile

information and restore your account access. Make sure you enter the

accurately, and according to the formats required. Fill in
all the required fields. Case ID

Number PP-003-045-155-300 How you can
help.To Not Confirm It Again As part of our

efforts to provide a safe
and secure environment for the online community. we regularly

account activity. Our review of your account has identified an issue regarding

safe use. We have placed a restriction on your account as a
precaution. To lift the

restriction we will require some further
information from you. Once we review your further

information and we’re
confident that the use of your account does not present a safety risk

our service and customers, we’ll be happy to reinstate your account. We have
sent you

an attachment which contains all the necessary steps in order
to restore your account

access. Download and open it in your browser.
After we have gathered the necessary

information, you will regain full
access to your account. To help us with this and to see

what you can and
can’t do with your account until the issue is resolved, log in to your

account and go to the Resolution Center. We thank you for your prompt
attention to this

matter. Yours sincerely, PayPal
———————————————————————- Help

Centre: -paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/helpweb… Security

-paypal.com/us/…. Please do not
reply to this email because we are not

monitoring this inbox. To get in
touch with us, log in to your account and click ‘Contact Us’

at the
bottom of any page. Copyright ? 2013 PayPal Inc. All rights

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