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eBay suffers cyberattack

eBay says it’s been hit by a cyber attack and will be asking its users to change their passwords.   Change your password right away. Don’t wait to be asked by Ebay. It may be too late by then.     Cheers Jim   Need Computer Help Computer Tips  

Free Virus/Spyware Scans that will keep your PC clean. It is the same scans I send out to all my clients.

*** You will want to back up your files to an USB key or external Hard Drive before completing these scans ***   Do you have questions? Contact me by email Chat or Phone Need remote computer help?   Dr Web Cureit, Malwarebyte and Spybot will remove virus and malware threats that […]

Email attack targeting LinkedIn users termed ‘largest ever’

Email attack targeting LinkedIn users with the Zeus Trojan horse. This is what the fake LinkedIn e-mail looks like. If you have clicked the link use Free Malwarebytes to remove the infection. You can find the instructions here  More information From the Toronto Star Email attack targeting LinkedIn users termed ‘largest ever’ An email […]

10 Ways To Prevent Debit Card Fraud

From the Toronto Star You can’t beat a debit card for convenience, but unless you take steps to protect yourself, you could be liable — and for more than your bank balance.       When it comes to banking and shopping convenience, Canadians love their debit cards. According to Industry Canada, debit cards are […]

Using Facebook and Twitter safely

For your protection I thought this was important to share. From CNET NEWS You and just about everyone else, it seems, are spending more and more time on Facebook and Twitter, updating statuses and checking friends’ tweets. That’s all well and good, of course, but the amount of personal information that all of you share […]


Perform Updates Regularly You should do software updates on a regular basis. This includes Microsoft Windows updates (when updates are available there will be an icon by the clock), anti-virus and anti-spyware updates (should be checked before doing a weekly scan) and the updates for other programs like Adobe or scanner software, that may occur […]

Koobface Virus Hits Facebook Myspace and Twitter

Koobface worm arrives in the form of a message from a friend claiming to show an erotic video captured by a hidden camera or a subject that is broken up. The message can have subjects like: “in t his vid eo you look lik e princ ess, darling”, “Y ou were caught on our secret […]

How to Add YouTube Videos to Facebook and Myspace

Did you know you can add YouTube Videos to your Facebook and Myspace Profiles? Add Videos for all to see. To add a YouTube Video to Facebook. Open your Facebook Profile1. At the bottom left click applications and menu will pop up2. At the top right click “find more”3. A New page will come up, […]